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"They told me they had to take my Joshua to the other side of the room to weigh him. Before I knew what was happening the nurse scooped Joshua up in her arms and walked away. I felt panic and I wanted to go with him, but I was tied to the bed with IV’s. Todd was standing next to my bed and I asked him (actually, I ordered him) to “Go with him - so he’s not alone” as I pointed to the corner of the room where the scale was located.  At that point, I had never even had a conversation with Todd. But I had felt his peaceful, respectful presence in the room throughout my delivery and it gave me comfort that Todd was with Joshua the one time he had ever been apart from me. My head knew the nurse would be with him, but my heart felt as if Joshua would’ve been alone. I wanted Todd to be with him when I couldn’t be; as a family friend, someone who loved and respected him. When we received our album I saw that Todd took a picture of Joshua on the scale. When I look at that picture I always remember how Todd went with my Joshua so he wasn’t alone."



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